Transparency Makes Cents

It was my first day on the job; I was nervous and excited. What would the day bring? Did I make the right decision? There is no turning back now! Let's do this! I stood in for my first ever Monday morning





Creating a Team of Friends

In every job, there needs to be some element of likeability among its team members. It doesn't have to be an all-out love fest, but like any team, there has to be cohesiveness for it to be productive



Make Work Suck Less

The idea of creating a culture within your company that promotes honesty, communication, healthy eating initiatives and one that promotes engagement and motivates their employees is a new-age initiative





Freedom to Flow

Yes, flow sounds like a buzz word but it is actually referring to the ability that allows individuals and teams to access heightened bursts of pure-focus and productivity. This ‘flow’ state is an instinctual decision-making state, almost trance like in nature