Building Better Culture, Together.
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Team Trust: The Natural Stress Eliminator

When it comes to building a better culture at work, having trust within the team is the ultimate advantage. With trust, team members are engaging with authenticity as there is a sense of belonging built within the working relationships ..

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Trust: Essential For Better Workplace Culture

One of the most thought-provoking questions is: How does a group of people come up with a solution that is viable and has a chance of getting to the core of the issue and solve it?



Self Reflection at Work: The Art of Changing Directions

The word reflection means a change in direction so that it returns to where it originated. In the world of discovery it’s a fascinating concept to use with light, sound, and waves; but stick the word self in front of it to symbolize growth in human behavior and it becomes something to avoid or fear ..

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How I Became A Leader

It was a couple of years ago when someone I respected told me: "You are a leader." I didn't understand what that implied. To me, being a leader meant that I had to have a trail of followers or at least be in management or a person of authority. I was none of those, at least that's what I thought. So how am I a leader?

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Being a Leader: Through Self-Discipline

Knowledge is valuable, hence the importance of being a lifelong learner. Wisdom is a measure of growth based on the exchange of knowledge and the choice to grow from each experience ..




Leadership, Emotional Intelligence & Their Connection

Every individual can benefit from enhancing their emotional intelligence. The key is to understand how to make it resonate with you. Drawing on the work of Goleman’s philosophy, the idea is that when you attain control over your emotions, you are able to control the atmosphere of the work environment thereby ..


Better Culture is Better Business

His company, Frontline Inc was failing. Sales were slumping hard, longtime clients were moving on, and staff were becoming complacent. As CEO, Bruce knew his 15-year-old company needed a significant change to survive



Change Is The Only Constant

Understanding where you are in change might help give you some insight on how far you have to go, or how far you have come to instilling habits that will help you be the better you. Realizing that relapse is part of the process also gives some comfort that while you may have fallen back a stage or two in your progress, you can quickly get back to action


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We Don't Work For Money Anymore

In today's working world, people do not work for money anymore, they work for a purpose. Salary and benefits are no longer the currency in which to satisfy an employee's value. Employees need to feel that the work they do is making an impact both personally or professionally



Transparency Makes Cents

It was my first day on the job; I was nervous and excited. What would the day bring? Did I make the right decision? There is no turning back now! Let's do this! I stood in for my first ever Monday morning



Creating a Team of Friends

In every job, there needs to be some element of likeability among its team members. It doesn't have to be an all-out love fest, but like any team, there has to be cohesiveness for it to be productive



Make Work Suck Less

The idea of creating a culture within your company that promotes honesty, communication, healthy eating initiatives and one that promotes engagement and motivates their employees is a new-age initiative





Freedom to Flow

Yes, flow sounds like a buzz word but it is actually referring to the ability that allows individuals and teams to access heightened bursts of pure-focus and productivity. This ‘flow’ state is an instinctual decision-making state, almost trance like in nature