Changing Your Mindset, A How To Guide!

Changing Your Mindset, A How To Guide!

6 Simple Steps To Aid You On Your Journey Towards A Better Mindset!

1. Recognize that there needs to be a change

Chances are, if you're reading this, then you've already come to the realization that you would like more in life. Whether that's to have a positive mindset towards things and you're tired of being tired, changing your outlook on situations so they don't seem as daunting, or just that you are looking for something refreshing in order to make your life what you've always wanted it to be.

We can help with that!

You don't have to be in a rut in order to want to make change. You can be perfectly happy in your life and that's great! But there's always something more, another hill to climb, another fish to catch. And a new mindset, a positive mindset, is the easiest way to make slight changes to your attitude in order to perceive the world around you for as beautiful as it really is.

2. Identify the "Why" component of changing your mindset

This is the most important step in my opinion!

Why are you deciding to make these changes? Is there a personal or professional reason behind it? In order to make a change to your mindset and they way you perceive everyday scenarios, you must think about why you are making these changes. When you have the reasoning behind it, making those steps to do it become clearer and the benefits present themselves in front of you!

Thinking of quitting smoking? The "Why" behind it could be to increase your health, live longer and generally live a healthier lifestyle. Thinking of changing your route to work everyday? The "Why" could be less traffic and quicker commutes, or perhaps this new way is more scenic and allows you to enjoy nature more-so than before. These are just two examples of how determining your "Why" factor is so important, it shows you the benefits of what you're doing and why you're doing it!

I suggest you go ahead and write down on a piece of paper why you are deciding to make a mindset change. Why is having an increasingly positive mindset important to you? What are you looking to get out of it. You don't ever have to look at this piece of paper again, in fact, you can toss it right out in the trash afterwards, but just writing it down is farther than most people will ever get.

3. Identify what has been working for you, and what hasn't been

This ties in directly with our last step, maybe there are situations where you don't need to change your mindset, or areas in your life that you're happy with and afraid to change that perspective. No problem!

You shouldn't want to change those areas in your life where you're genuinely happy, we're just trying to make the other areas a little less intimidating and focus on changing that perspective into something more positive!

Another great way to help expand your mindset is to look at what your perspective is during those times when you're genuinely happy. How is your attitude towards those situations, what are you doing, thinking and feeling? We want to bring that experience into your everyday life.

You know what they always say, if it ain't broke.. Don't fix it!

4. Begin your journey

Here's where your journey begins!

You can begin simply by writing down a few of your goals like you did in Step 2. Organizing your thoughts is the easiest way not to become overwhelmed by something as it becomes clearer. For the first while, don't act upon them, just write them down and put them where you see them so they act as reminders, gets them in your head-space, gets you thinking about them. 

They say the hardest part about going to the gym, is to physically get yourself to the gym. Make a habit out of going and slowly but surely you'll gain the motivation to not only go, but do the workout you set out to do. This is much the same way! Having your motivations and actions laid out in front of you for you to see is the easiest way to set a mental reminder to complete these actions, what you're striving to accomplish!

Remember, the goal is not to overwhelm yourself with trying to change your mindset altogether at once, the goal here is to ease yourself into it as if you were slowly descending into a cold pool. Get your feet wet first, and then let your body warm up to it!

5. Make small changes so you can make the bigger changes later

Have you ever gone to the gym and tried to start yourself on the heaviest weights there? Or gone for a run and tried to start with a 10K marathon? You just can't do it. You have to ease yourself into the situation, your mind is like a muscle and you can't start off with the heaviest set to drop on it. I bring up the "going to the gym" metaphors as I like to this exercise as a personal trainer for your mind. 

Start off slow, a couple positive thoughts here, a change in mindset there. Nothing crazy or you'll become overwhelmed with the idea and scare yourself away from the journey, after all this is supposed to be fun!

Creating a positive mindset, or altering your train of thought can be difficult at first seeing as though you've had that mindset your whole life, but it is achievable! When you're feeling down, look to your reasons for why you are doing this like we practiced earlier, and think of the benefits that will come of this. 

Stress? Let's work on it. Overwhelming feelings? Get out of here!

These are all a mindset that can be changed with your new positive train of thought.

6. You're not always going to be successful, and that's ok!

This is very important to remember! 

You will not always be successful in being able to change your mindset from one situation to another, and you know what? That's okay!

This is something that will take practice, time and effort but believe me it is more than worth the wait! Changing your mindset into more positive thinking can lead to so many more opportunities, and you can learn a lot about yourself in the way that you overcome challenges that you once were not capable of!

Take a deep breath, sit back, relax, and reflect on how far you've come. You're allowed to fail, and if anything, you learn more from your failures than you do from your success.

You've come a long way just in the time we've had today. Be proud of what you have accomplished already, and be excited about what you can accomplish now that you know some tips and tricks to help you get started! The journey for a positive mindset has just begun, and I can't wait to see where it goes. 


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