How Your Mindset Might Be Holding You Back

How Your Mindset Might Be Holding You Back

Your behaviors, actions and your mindset towards an event is directly related to a previous experience you had and how it played out for you.  For example, If you've purchased a lottery ticket and won, you're likely to have an increasingly positive attitude towards purchasing lottery tickets than someone who had bought one and lost. They are built through previous experiences and encounters you have had in similar situations and the outcomes that have come from them.

“One of the saddest things in life is to get to the end and look back in regret, knowing that you could have been and done so much more, and then wondering why you didn’t.”
— Robin Sharma

These experiences and reactions are why you might not do things to take yourself out of your comfort zone, and in effect, hold you back from new experiences and activities that you might actually love. Here we'll highlight a few of the ways your mindset might be holding you back from experiencing things you never knew you were missing out on!

We'll highlight just a few ways that your current mindset might be holding you back from experiencing opportunities in a more positive light, and ways to combat them!

Pessimistic Mindset

Ever walk into a situation and think, "Yeah, let's just get this over with"? The pessimistic instinct that we have towards an event is exactly the reason that we are not enjoying it. If you open your mind to a new experience what's the worst that could happen, you might end up even enjoying it!

If you had this mindset towards every aspect in life, then you would never try new foods that you currently enjoy, new activities that you do regularly and you wouldn't have met the friends that you hangout with! It's these new experiences that make life worth living for and if we go into these situations with a pessimistic mindset we would miss out on a lot of things that we truly enjoy.


Fear of Rejection

The fear of rejection is probably the main reason people don't seek out new adventures. It can be really daunting to go up to someone or something and put yourself out there without knowing what the outcome will be. But if you can remember those few times that you actually have put yourself out there, it feels good doesn't it?

Turn those failures into mini-success's! You never learn from anything if you are always doing something the safe way, the way that you've always done it. Try out something new, and you'll be surprised at how good you feel even if it does not work as well as you'd of hoped. Those failures can help show you what you could of done better next time, helps you get over your fear of trying and most importantly, gets you to experience something new!


Inability to Adapt

The inability to adapt to new and surrounding situations can be killer towards personal growth and development. If you're never willing to change how you go about a certain situation, than how can you expect to get a different result!? 

Even if you are getting a moderate success from how you are approaching the situation, have you never thought how much better you could be doing? If you were always content with getting a 'C' on a test, then would you ever strive towards getting a better grade?


Undervaluing Yourself

By thinking that you will not be able to complete a challenge, you are undervaluing both yourself and the experience you will take away from it. You do not need to be the best at something to be successful, personal accomplishments and taking away a positive experience are both ways that you can still be successful in whatever it is you are doing!


These are just a few ways that your current mindset towards an experience may be holding you back from accomplishing things you never thought possible. If you are willing to be open for a new experience, and open to the chance that you just might fail, than maybe you are ready to change your mindset into something more positive!

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