Your Mindset & Why It's Important

Your Mindset & Why It's Important

Your mindset can be many things, but simply put your mindset is your attitude and beliefs towards certain situations, circumstances and situations based on past experiences. Essentially, all the events you have encountered in the past have geared your mindset towards whether or not you perceive something positively or negatively.

You may think that your mindset is never able to change, and they are core beliefs that are instilled in you, this would be considered a 'Fixed Mindset'. However if you believe that your mindset is able to change and allow it to grow with you, then you would have with is called a 'Growth Mindset'. Now we'll talk a little more about these two and how they compare to one another and why having a growth mindset can lead to a healthier lifestyle!

Fixed vs. Growth Mindsets

We'll go into the Fixed vs. Growth mindset in another blog post as it can get pretty interesting talking about the differences but for now we'll try and sum it up for you! Having a fixed mindset is believing that your mindset, much like your hair color and height, is simply a fixed trait that you're unable to change. Your characteristics, personality and creativity as a person are unable to change and just who you are.

The opposite of this would be to have a growth mindset. Where you believing that you can adapt your mindset and grow to change your characteristics, change your beliefs and change who you are as a person through experiences. Having the belief that you control your own destiny is extremely important in becoming successful in anything that you do and we hope to help you in achieving this if you haven't already!

“Why resist change when it’s the main source of your growth”
— Robin Sharma

So why is having a growth mindset important? I'll try and briefly explain some of the benefits towards having a growth mindset, and why it is an essential part of learning and improving your self-worth!


Self Improvement

The key to self improvement is simply to work on yourself. Sounds easy right? However if you have the mindset that you unable to change from your key skills and character traits, then how are you to improve on yourself. With a growth mindset you believe that you have the ability to change, and the ability to improve upon your skills. This is the fundamental way to improve upon yourself and the most important thing to understand in becoming who you wish to be.

Less Stress About Being Perfect

If you are to believe that you are unable to improve upon your give set of skills, the stress to be perfect the first time is extremely high. With a growth mindset there is no stress in regards to that! You can always improve upon past performances, and improve upon your life in ways you never thought possible through hard work, dedication, and putting in the work to improve upon your craft.

Lower Risk Of Being Depressed

With a fixed mindset, you believe that having a specific set of skills and character traits are who you are fundamentally and that will not change. This can be a cause for depression as when things are not going well for you, or if you have a goal that you cannot achieve with your set of skills you may feel down that you are unable to reach that goal.

Knowing that you are able to grow yourself, grow your skills and change your character to reach your goal is a monumental way to combat depressing and intrusive thoughts. Knowing that you are able to be the person you've always wanted to be through work and determination is sometimes all it takes to pull you out of those negative mindsets and into one more positive.

Enjoy Putting In The Work & Not Fearing It

Putting in your time towards learning a new skill is a fundamental part of your personal development. It is not something to be feared, but praised. If you never put in the work and strive to be better at something, you'll be complacent in believing that that's the best you can do and might even fear the aspect of putting in the work to succeed. After all, if you believe that you are unable to improve upon your skills, than the aspect of working towards improving them would be a fearful event in the terms that you might fail. Don't fear the work, embrace it!

It Is Essential For Learning

This ties in with my last point, putting in the work and striving to learn new things, new boundaries and new skills are the only way to succeed in increasing your self-worth. If you become complacent in believing that you are stuck with the skills you have and there is no room for improvement, that you are fixed on the mindset that who you are is who you are, you will never grow to become who you want to be.

So, how do you work on your growth mindset and put in the work towards building a more positive lifestyle? Be sure to check out our next blog that speaks directly to this and learn how you can become the person you've always wanted to be, simply through improving upon your mindset!

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