Introduction to Effective Leadership:

Leadership is big. People use the word to mean different things. What matters is that you see yourself as a leader with the capacity to make an impact. People will then be clear on where you stand, where they stand with you, and what you are capable of.

When you see yourself as a leader, you will develop your uniqueness in guiding others toward your idea with confidence and initiative to make things happen. When co-workers see you convey leadership behaviors, they are  more apt to want to work with you and be lead by you.

This worksheet breaks down and explains 5 essential leadership soft skill traits to assist you in building your leadership foundation. As with anything, the stronger the foundation the more sturdier it proves in times of stress.

The practical content provides you with an application approach to take with you and can be used daily to make many small impacts in your work purpose, relationships, and environment you are working in. The long lasting impact is huge and very beneficial to you as well as to everyone you surround yourself with.