How it works?



Mini-courses geared toward spaces of personal-development



Special tasks that are carefully architected by mindset experts



Tangible results that follow completion of your challenges





mindset marketplace

 The Mindset Marketplace is where all Tuba’s courses are located and laid out in an easy to read design, the user will be able to easily identify which course they would like to select and what they would like to improve upon. The user will also be able to search from keywords & tags to easily find the course they wish to choose from our multitude of certified micro-programs.

With a variety of experts from across the globe, TUBA is able to get you in touch with consumers that were previously unreachable. The value in our marketplace is through attracting price-conscious individuals with micro-programs that they are able to pick up on-the-go with their busy lifestyles at a reasonable price that they can afford.




Empower your mind

Discover the power of positive human connection and build new social circles full of inspiration, support, and knowledge.

With the use of Tuba’s news-feed section, users are able to share their experiences and recommend programs that worked for them to other users! Their profile will detail their recent improvements and users will wear their completed courses as a badge of honor with our completed course section.





learn from the masters

Tuba’s wide variety of courses have been carefully designed by some of today’s most influential thought-leaders and personal development experts from across the globe.

Tuba’s micro-programs are designed for the busy everyday price conscious individual, that’s why Tuba enables users to learn and engage from experts in a new way that suits their busy lifestyle.





A New Revenue Stream

Revenue for our experts are generated through content views and subscription fees. The expert will be paid a fee based on users who utilize the course, the more users taking your micro-program, the more revenue generated!

This revenue sharing system results in a constant stream of income for our experts and can grow exponentially with the amount of programs you choose to create.



mindset creators kit

For more information regarding what it means to be an mindset master and for details on how you can create a micro-program for Tuba, sign up below to receive our Mindset Creators Kit with more information on how to create your new revenue stream!


The more people you help and the more value you create, the more your business will fly - and the quicker you’ll win.
— Robin Sharma