Building Better Culture, Together.

Our vision:


Building Better Culture, Together.


Our Vision

Our vision has always been to help others.  I think this is one of the key cornerstones when building great company culture. We want to help businesses and teams create a rewarding and sustainable culture that empowers innovators and has the strength to move mountains.

Yves Doucet | CEO, Entrepreneur, Culture Coach


Our Impact

Building amazing communities and company culture can sometimes feel like an impossible task; we know first hand. Our world is moving fast and successful companies have to move even faster. These high pace work environments can lead to unnatural stresses of the body and mind and hinder innovation and productivity. Tuba was founded with the goal to foster a more natural and human approach to creating harmony in your workplace.


accelerate innovation

Discover your communities full innovative potential and help foster it. We have some special ideas + actionable courses on kick-starting your innovative revolution.


eliminate stress forces

Stress and fear eat up valuable brain-cycles and slow innovation to a crawl. Let us help you navigate around the most common pitfalls and get you home safe. 


lead without  titles

We want to help each and everyone become their own leader. We realized titles are just that, titles; the human component is what makes any success worth being a part of. 


Create a Winning Culture

We understand that not every company is alike but we do know what common elements drive the worlds leading innovators and success stories. Can you teach these commonalities? We think you can! We have spent years learning the hard way and curating that knowledge into finely tuned interactive courses.


find your Culture

Let us help you build in the right direction. Sometimes finding your workforce's north star can be really tough - we have a simple course to help find your bearings!


communicate your culture

Ever feel like communicating your communities culture to new hire prospects or new employees really hard? It is! We know all too well and our new custom culture onboarding program might be the ticket!

support your culture

Creating a trusting support structure in any team-oriented organization can be really tough, but we have found unique  ways to help establish it and sustain it!


Live your culture

Obviously, we have all heard the term 'Practice what you preach!' well, we have a program for new leaders and seasoned vets alike to stay in-tune with their employees with regular actionable engagement.


Customers will never love a company, until the employees love it first

Quote source | Simon Sinek