Junior Marketing Guru

Tuba | Moncton, NB

Tuba is a new mobile app that's like having a personal trainer for your heart, mind, and soul. Focused on helping individuals do simple yet challenging things every day to help them accomplish the results they seek to achieve. 

Tuba wants to help individuals in a way that fits into their lives by putting a unique spin on personal development using a combination of technology, social connection and leading experts’ programs. Tuba was born out of Dovico Software, a leader in technology with an innovative culture of inspirational individuals and we are seeking other creative and passionate individuals to come join our small but witty and good looking team!

We are on a journey to find a junior marketer to help implement our go-to-market strategy. Some of the key themes for this position are social media marketing, copywriting, content creation, online marketing, conversion funnels and performance metrics. We are seeking high energy, self-motivated individuals that are up for a challenge, as part of this position you would have a part in pushing out a new product into the world alongside our team.



simply hit us up directly, email derek@tuba.co