Lesson #2: Optimism

This is a workable tool to give meaning to your job characteristics and in turn make it intriguing to  others. The essence of optimism is that you are your own marketing tool. For others to be curious  you must give significant meaning to what you do.   

1. Write the skill set list of what is required to do your job and then check off each one that  you have mastered. 

2. Think about every aspect of your job and how you perform it. Identify the beginning and  the end of each task then check off each time you complete it. This is your own feedback  loop to evaluate what you need to do to get results. 

3. Rate each task for its significance to you, your company and its customer. See the value in  each task that you participate in. If you can’t see the significance note how it changes your  level of fulfillment and start to look at your autonomy - in regards to what you have  control over changing. Then go back to lesson 1 to align it with your vision.   

Fill in the blanks on how you see it working in your favor to give you that ongoing sense of  accomplishment in each day.  Start applying your own learned wisdom from lesson 1 and 2.