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On our Tuba Casts, you will hear from the team as we converse with partners, local community leaders and entrepreneurs on what we value most; Workplace Culture, Healthy Habits and Employee Engagement.


Michelle Alcorn, entrepreneur, coach, author, founder and CCP of R&R Solution sits down to discuss the changes needed today to create a healthy workplace culture for tomorrow. Driven by the internal dynamics of a company with the belief that the external service and success of a company is guided by the internal health of the climate employees find themselves working in.


Maeve Murphy, entrepreneur in communications including media and radio broadcasting with Radio Canada sit down to discuss her passion to live her best life in the workplace and the many lessons they have learned through navigating their own path in today’s modern workplace climates.


 Featured Blogs

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Having a safe environment where you can speak up, offer new ideas, and ask questions? With conversations being a must for employee engagement, where there is no conversation, there is no culture.

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It was a couple of years ago when someone I respected told me: "You are a leader." I didn't understand what that implied. To me, being a leader meant that I had to have a trail of followers or at least be in management or a person of authority. So how am I a leader?

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When it comes to building a better culture at work, having trust within the team is the ultimate advantage. With trust, team members are engaging with authenticity as there is a sense of belonging built within the working relationships.