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Community Behavioral Model



The organization lives by what it stands for. All opinions, voices and ideas are important to the vision of the organization. This requires employees to see beyond the individual goals and work towards a shared passion.


Being unified in the vision of the organization. A sense of fairness and consistency is evident in interactions within the organization. Competent leaders know how to inspire those they lead and clarify decisions and direction effectively.


The organization attains value and celebrates individual and communal achievements while offering a way to anonymously convey feedback. The organization embraces diversity of opinions, is able to clarify expectations focuses on personalizing achievements



Clarity of information in a timely manner and clear demonstration of goals. The organization includes employees in decision making and makes the leaders available for communication with a developed feedback-oriented and collaborative effort.


A willingness of engagement unique to the organization. The freedom to explore new ideas and a culture of fostering creativity. Provides team-members with the resources necessary to succeed and allows them a chance to fail. 


Allows for individuals to express themselves anonymously and work in distraction free areas. The organization communicates goals and objects effectively and rewards team-members achievements. 

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Personal Behavior Model


Problem Solving

Individuals are able to define and understand the problem at hand, determine alternatives, implement solutions and monitor the results. Personal achievements and goals reached are celebrated by the organization.


Effective listening is crucial in developing trust within an organization and reducing conflict within team-members. Listening to understand rather than to simply respond is valued and demonstrated throughout the organization.


Demonstrating transparency through communication and celebrating individual achievements. The ability to receive and understand feedback from team-members and take responsibility for mistakes shows a strong strength of character that is contagious within the organization.  



The ability to verbalize ideas and receive feedback in an overall supportive manner. Team-members are able to communicate objectives and express themselves effectively to enhance interpersonal relationships and foster a culture of innovation.

Social Sensitivity

The ability to understand the feelings and thoughts of others. Understanding boundaries and determining when a team-member is under stress. Individuals are able to offer non-judgemental feedback and able to communicate their message effectively.


A good learning leader draws out an employee’s individualism through the use of aligned motions, sustained determination and flexibility of character. Leaders are able to encourage and accelerate the process of learning for fellow team-members.

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