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Keep The Passion w/ Yves Doucet

Yves Doucet is a serial entrepreneur and innovation adventurest in Canada. His passion for ingenuity and helping people began early on and it has stayed with him ever since. Currently, Yves serves as the CEO of Dovico, a valued Culture Coach and above all else a visionary. He is excited to share with you how he is able to Keep The Passion in his everyday life as well as through his career with his 10 step program! This program is a series of steps to help keep your passion burning inside of you, and how to remain in your unique flow.


'Tuba really helped our people grow a culture first initiative that helped us unify our businesses direction and strengthen our community. Being open to the idea of pushing our already positive culture further was the best thing we could have done.'

— Jeff Nagle | Author & Active Contributor


Mindful Mindset w/ Sari LaBelle

Mindfulness is an ancient eastern practice clinically proven over to help reduce anxiety, depression, insomnia and chronic pain as well as increases a person’s overall health, happiness, positive self-regard, and focus. Join Sari LaBelle, executive coach and mindfulness instructor for this 14-part challenge to help you unlock the power of mindfulness to transform your work, relationships, and health.