Many of our world's problems could be solved by knowledge. The scarcity of being uninformed causes us to become fearful, introverted and angry. Knowledge empowers us and motivates us to move and inspire others. When we are knowledgeable, we build trust.

Tuba believes in sharing knowledge. Our foundation has been laid on the principle that transparency in the workplace builds trust and with transparency, knowledge can't be hoarded.

We love TED talks! This is why we are sharing five of our favourite talks on trust, and how it is such a vital part of a healthy work culture. We love TED talks and sharing knowledge so much that three of our teammates are TEDx talk alumni!

Please enjoy the following talks as much as we have and share them to keep the knowledge going.

Oh, and as a bonus, the talks of our three TEDx alumni are included at the end of this post.

Here we go!

Power your business with values, not rules.
— Yves Doucet

  1. First Why and then trust. - Simon sinek

Author Simon Sinek's captivating talk breaks down how trust is king in our communities and companies. He speaks about how company cultures have evolved and how trust plays a vital role in that evolution.

I define a leader as anyone who takes responsibility for finding the potential in people.
— Brené Brown

2. How to build (and rebuild) trust - Frances Frei

Harvard Business School Professor and former Uber employee Frances Frei's lively and down-to-earth talk centers around how we build trust and the cost of broken trust at work. She also talks about how authenticity, logic and empathy are vital to building trust.

3. Workplace trust and transparency - Ben Hempstead

Ben's informative talk speaks about his experiences of working in an environment based on trust and transparency. He outlines different scenarios on how management implements trust.

Train people well enough so they can leave; Treat them well enough so they don’t want to.
— Richard Branson

4. Why good leaders make you feel safe - Simon Sinek

Another great Simon Sinek TED talk about how selflessness plays a vital role in building trust. He cites examples of how individual companies have built and embraced deep trust with their employees through leadership.

5. What we don't understand - Onora O'Neil

Philosopher Onora O'Neil's eloquent talk reminds us about what trust means and how to trust. She looks at trust from a different perspective that opens our idea on how we see it.


The more you invest in people, the better the culture will be. Strong culture results in more people engaged.
— Angela Kambouris

Bonus! Tuba teammates who have TEDx talks of their own:

Darwin and the Millenials - Yves Doucet - Dovico CEO & Tuba Culture Coach

Yves friendly talk discusses the challenges of assembling a productive team that spans multiple generations and bridging the gap between the Baby Boomer generation and Millenials.

It All Starts, With You - Karen Biggar BScN RN MN - Tuba Culture Coach

Karen's focused talk speaks to us about how stress affects our health and how our body manages it. She also gives insight on how we can alleviate the burden that stress places on us.

We Are Not Alone - Jeff Nagle - Dovico Content Creator

Jeff's serious talk is about how he dealt with his painful past of childhood sexual abuse and just how prevalent sexual abuse is in our society.