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We have several exciting ways to get involved with our training platform. Whether you are looking for new avenues to learn or maybe you would like to help us craft unique programs in your area of expertise.


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Humble creators

We are always looking for talented content creators and we would love to hear from you if your are interested in sharing your knowledge!

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Empower Your People!

Tuba is a people-centric solution to working better, together. We help teams and individuals stay in-tune and in-sync with themselves and one another.


Building Better Culture

Tuba helps create your company’s cultural story without the need for continuous hands on updating or guidance from a community manager.


Innovation That Matters

Tuba helps promote transparent, unbiased brainstorming, which is key to fostering innovative environments.


Video Coaching On-Demand

Tuba helps individuals and teams brush up on valuable skills and learn new effective approaches to accomplish more, with less inter-team friction.


Measuring What Counts

Tuba most importantly provides your teams with the stats they need to move in the right direction, together.


Be the voice for positive change, not an echo of the same.

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